Accepted Papers

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Oral Presentations

Visualizing collective discursive user interactions in online life science communities
Dhiraj Murthy, Alexander Gross, and Stephanie Bond

Group foraging in dynamic environments
Michael E. Roberts, Sam Cheesman, and Patrick McMullen

Markerless motion capture in the crowd
Ian Spiro, Thomas Huston, and Christoph Bregler

Tracking the 2011 student-led movement in chile through social media use
M. Barahona, C. García, P. Gloor, and P. Parraguez

Effects of social influence on the wisdom of crowds
Pavlin Mavrodiev, Claudio J. Tessone, and Frank Schweitzer

Learning to predict the wisdom of crowds
Seyda Ertekin, Haym Hirsh, and Cynthia Rudin

What "crowdsourcing" obscures: exposing the dynamics of connected crowd work during disaster
Kate Starbird

Collaborative development in Wikipedia
Gerald C. Kane and Sam Ransbotham

Crowdsourcing Gaze Data Collection
Dmitry Rudoy, Dan B Goldman, Eli Shechtman, and Lihi Zelnik-Manor

Analytic methods for optimizing realtime crowdsourcing
Michael Bernstein, David R. Karger, Robert C. Miller, and Joel R. Brandt

Crowd & Prejudice
Nicolas Della Penna and Mark D. Reid

Re-differentiation as collective intelligence: the ktunaxa language online community
Christopher Horsethief

When majority voting fails: comparing quality assurance methods for noisy human computation environment
Yu-An Sun and Christopher Dance

An existing, ecologically-successful genus of collectively intelligent artificial creatures
Benjamin Kuipers

Toward a comparative cognitive history: Archimedes and D. H. J. Polymath
Lav R. Varshney

Collective intelligence in humans: a literature review
Juho Salminen

Thermodynamic principles in social collaborations
Huan-Kai Peng, Ying Zhang, Peter Pirolli, and Tad Hogg

Crowdsourcing collective emotional intelligence
Rob Morris and Rosalind Picard


Social aspects of virtual teams
Daphna Shwarts-Asher

The Wikipedian revolution: collective intelligence in the Egyptian Blogosphere
Gloria Mark, Justin Chung, Ban Al-Ani, and Jennifer Jones

Collective creativity: Where we are and where we might go
Lixiu Yu, Jeffrey V. Nickerson, and Yasuaki Sakamoto

Crowd Memory: Learning in the collective
Walter S. Lasecki, Samuel White, Kyle I. Murray, and Jeffrey P. Bigham

Patterns of social influence in networks of situated cognitive agents
Russell C. Thomas and John S. Gero

Who is authoritative? Understanding reputation mechanisms in Quora
Sharoda A. Paul, Lichan Hong, and Ed. H. Chi

Leading the collective: Social capital and the development of leaders in core-peripery organizations
Benjamin Collier and Robert Kraut

Macroscopes: models for collective decision making 
Subramanian Ramamoorthy, András Z. Salamon, and Rahul Santhanam

Collective cognitive authority: expertise location via social labeling
Terrell G. Russell

Motivations for participation in socially networked collective intelligence systems
Jon Chamberlain

A Computational Analysis of Collective Discourse 
Vahed Qazvinian and Dragomir R. Radev

GalaxySearch – Discovering the Knowledge of Many by Using Wikipedia as a Meta-Searchindex
Hauke Fuehres, Peter A. Gloor, Michael Henninger, Reto Kleeb, and Keiichi Nemoto

Broadcast search in Innovation Contests: Case for Hybrid Models
Thomas Gegenhuber and Marko Hrelja

The effects of prediction market design and price elasticity on trading performance of users: an experimental analysis
Ivo Blohm, Christoph Riedl, Johann Füller, Orhan Köroglu, Jan MarcoLeimeister, and Helmut Krcmar

Rationale awareness for quality assurance in iterative human computation processes
Lu Xiao

Automatic Prediction of Small Group Performance in Information Sharing Tasks
Wen Dong, Bruno Lepri, and Alex (Sandy) Pentland